Tuesday, March 12, 2013

End of 2012

So there are some random photos that need to go in our book for the year, so here are a few, plus New Year's Day fun.
Random picture of my three favorite girls before Church one day!
Cute picture of the Urry family:  Heather (Matt's sister), Brandon, Skousen, Dexter
 December 29 pictures

 December 31--braved the mall so the girls could ride the train.
 And of course...sit in the remote control car
 What could be better than riding a train in the mall with my three amazing girls.
New Year's Eve night Matt chaperoned the stake youth dance.  So I tried to catch up on the blog and put the kids to bed at a good time so they were not messed up the next day.  
What a year this has been....greatest highlight was finalizing Lily's adoption and taking her to the temple in November.  My Mom and Dad even were able to be there which made it even more special.  Lexy blessed our home with her arrival on May 6 and are lives have been even more wonderful ever since.  We saw our cousin Doug marry in August in a crazy weekend drive to Washington and our friend Natalie got married in September in Arizona.  We are both teaching at Bakersfield College and have great Church callings.  We have the best family and friends and a beautiful home that continues to look  better each year as we add to it piece by piece!  Best of all we have each other and we have testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ and know that if we follow His commandments we can return to live with Him again as an eternal family.  Next step:  Lexy's finalization and sealing!  We are so blessed.

Grandma and Grandpa Huff

Abby's birth father's parents--that is a mouth full...have been so good to Abby these past 5 years.  They remember her on every Christmas and birthday and it gives us an opportunity to show Abby that she is loved by so many people--adopted kids are so special!  We really appreciate them remembering her.  She was so excited to open the box they sent.  We were really excited about the book Abby is holding in the middle.  It is a photo book of her birth father, Alex's wedding in October.  We were unable to make it because it was on a Thursday and we could not arrange to get to Utah on a Thursday with Matt's teaching schedule.  She will always have that book to see and that is so important.

Abby's Great Grandma and Grandpa Huff also remember Abby and sent her a $2 bill.  We keep those in a special place.
Thank you Huff family.

The Playhouse

So Santa brought a wonderful gift to the girls...an outdoor playhouse!  Santa of course did not set up the playhouse, so Matt and his Dad went outside to set it up.  There were so many pieces and it was a cold, chilly day.  They put together anything they could inside, but the majority had to be put together outside because it would not fit through the doors. I think it was a good bonding experience for them!
Grandma and Abby coloring as the boys put together the playhouse

Grandma tried it out too!
Thanks Santa, Daddy and Grandpa Choo Choo!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Christmas 2012

This year we did things a little differently.....we always travel and we are always surrounded by cousins and family.  But this year it was a year to be with Matt's family and his sister and family went to Wyoming to be with Brandon's family.  So we decided to invite Great Grandma Ruth, Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Roger up to our house for Christmas.  I've never had a Christmas at my own house before--really this was a first.  It was a nice, less stressful Christmas and I know that we are so blessed.  When all said and done, we are looking forward to lots of cousin fun next year!
Sunday the 23rd grandparents arrived.
 Christmas Eve!

Opening one gift on Christmas Eve...matching pajamas!
Presents ready for the kids....
 Waiting at bottom of stairs on Christmas morning (tradition)
 Present opening time!  What did Santa bring?  An outdoor playhouse!
Grocery carts from Uncle Brent and Aunt Nicole (and Lincoln)
 From Grandma and Grandpa Garrett
 From Grandma and Grandpa Wilcox
Other gifts

 So many fun things!
 Stay tuned for the putting together of the playhouse on a chilly Bakersfield day.
Merry Christmas!